I am Silent


There is no grasping Loveliness
That is mystic nectar
Spirit indivisible, nature pure
As morning breeze and dawn
Unreflected, as the wordless measures

Of the few drops of grace
We may experience in our lives
Longing for the Universe
The soul finds a strange victory
In God, divinity, the goodness in

Act, speech, thought, kindness
In empowering life, children
In protecting others, the elderly
In helping others, the less fortunate
In meditation, to a cosmos everywhere

How many voices of love do I hear?
Lao Tzu, Hafiz, Rabia, Arabi
Krishna, what indulgence is this?
She and I no more, but One
In Sanskrit wedding of the psychic being

Undivided, blended and in union
With all aspects of creation
Identity, empathy and identification
That is the key, the Room for One
The Beloved, the mystic drink

In music, in art, in rituals, in relationships
In life, residing as if in love’s city
Come then, Thou art the Soul
Thou art the bringer of the point intense
That spins, as centuries, that spins as trance

Fierce and tender, slow and sweet
Divine and human, Beloved, whose
Drink is flowers, blood, friendship
The peace of silence and surrender
The love that comes when every atom
Grows articulate with a thirst for divinity.


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Photo Courtesy:
1. http://starg691.deviantart.com/art/Esprit-Confus-467828162
2. http://starg691.deviantart.com/art/19-Lady-bird-457195693

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