The Fever for a Cosmic Devotion


It is from God, so hear!
And to serve God you return
Not the God of your people
But the God that is universal

So good and with details for the whole
Of evolution, encyclopaedic
With a breath that is all-merciful
We learn to be compassionate

Through pure trials of suffering
And it’s not, that we are different after all
We share the same genes, similar stories
Carry a spirit in a body, harvest soul

In what we do, create, express, innovate
It is from God, so you see!
My Beloved, is the same as yours!
For none sees him except himself

That we all possess some page
Of the religion of love
Whatever way Love works in you
I follow the same path, I’m sure

And faith is but an approximation
Of the vibration, the quantum signature
That lights the way, my silence listens
My surrender is a practiced “letting go”

Maybe it took me lifetimes
To encompass inner beauty
These are the tears of the soul-forever
I could not forget the privilege.


Neptune’s Shining Electrons


The universe loves and melts us
With time’s water, dreams
Our will must abide by nature
And our years must learn

To laugh with fleeting joys
And the sea exists without the waves
And the light exists without the suns
And life observes without

One or another particular race
And planets must attune
Themselves to the cosmos
To be ready to participate in it

Planets, stars, stardust, earths
The moulding furnace and the
Wispy dynasties of bliss
The thirst for more

Progress and creation’s waves
To let the quantum signature
Make of our lives what it may
In solid, liquid, vapour and light

Mould us to an energy
Beyond the limits of the original body
Across boundaries of eternity
Knower, knowing, known as one

Object and subject identified together
Meditation and action shinning
Entering a great myself that is not me
A spotless mental sky that has
Celestial aims, transcendent views.


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During our Love Festivals Lasted Longer


It’s High Holidays now
Between us, fate intervened
That’s an ideal Religion

It’s love of course, with friendship
I’ll blow the Ram’s horn
And you can tell me it’s Spring

Emotions for close combat
And this army of happiness
Machines are really missing out

No hiding back in function and task
It’s High Holidays here
Asleep in our spiritual biology

But not alone, there’s no duty in love
It’s all service for one cause
And Beloved mystery for the same

Unity of eternal heart burning red
And the words here are never bitter
Jerusalem is where the heart is.


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Each Slice of your Life had Another Man on it


It’s a long time since I
Have heard from you
And today, I miss you
For no particular reason
Perhaps only a reminder to myself

That I am easily attached to
The idea of intimacy
But my name is forgotten

As my existence will be
Once I am gone, the generations
March on in their crude selfishness
I will not take more lovers
I will not have another mother or father

There will be fewer monuments
To make the years, the passing
Once we talked about changes

And you spoke to me of your future
And while I long for your happiness
I know the kind of inner state
Which you habituate and generalize
You’re not the kind of person

To miss others so easily
So in my forgotten nostalgia
I do not give myself permission
To think of you too often.


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Walking through the light of the world


We scattered to the night
like diamonds and stars
owls of forever
never to be seen or heard
from again, my friends
went off, I carried their words
in my pockets, on my heart
those burning treasures
the years of bones and
making it alone
The private hours that gnaw
At the days like lost battles
Humiliations too common
In a cruel world like this one
We scattered to the night
Like lost lovers of literature
Desecrated by the seasons


The kind of wet deep down sorrow
That each broken heart multiplies
Here is where every speech ends
Here is what they don’t say
What happens after the story
Here the star is black
And the light empties out
Even of the shadows.

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The Last Fireworks

(Follow this link, it’s one of the most spectacular views of fireworks I’ve ever seen)


Fireworks could have been
The most brilliant butterflies
Of the night, with colors
That sparked a lifetime of my imagination
I witnessed them like

Lightning in my veins
I burned out of colors
Even up to the final blue
Searching my skin for
The design of youth

I watched the skies in my heart
Hoping for a light, again & again
You were the fire that left
Me for another year of fireworks
I still go to the carnival

Where we used to watch the fireworks
Glistening with a savage flow
Love is for stronger bodies I guess
Deep against the contrast of
Years ahead of them, fireworks

Were a masterpiece in my silence
The exhale of summer’s honesty
A border where hopes and dreams
Never seemed to completely cross
It was the year of the Dragon

I remember now, serenity on high in lights
And their vivid explosions never
Seemed enough awe or whatever
To reflect the beauty of earth.


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Pedestrian in Evolution


I am flooded with the memory
Of days and occasions
Of thoughts and youth and dreams
Landscapes, more time than stone
Fields more flowers than cities
Immensity of love overwhelms
The world is manifest
For a mortal hour, only to decay
Until new civilizations are born
Autonomy, expansion, perpetuation
Between these two parentheses
We shall rest, flooded and not
After this sun burns out
We lived uncertainly here
And loved to our fullest
But were still not able
To become immortal, we too
Became extinct, as everything
Must pass and die, so be it
Identity and identical rest
Here stops its resisting
I accept the destiny and fate
Of the universe turning on its shadows.


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