Ebola as a Black Plague of our times?


[Kevin Spacey, in the 1995 movie Outbreak]

They had the plastic coffins ready
Before the panic hit, Ebola was a planned
Population reduction project

A good distraction from Economic collapse
Governments always divert your attention
At critical moments in history
The elite wish to keep their control
Ebola had no trouble infecting

Medical professionals, but they assured us
It’s not airborne, it’s only an exchange
Of fluids, so cover up your eyes

Ebola carries with it the heat of Africa
Able to make your blood boil form the inside
A post-colonial bioweapon specifically designed
To make you fear, to make you a follower
I think my stomach can feel it spreading

Around the world, in months, years
You cannot contain something like this
By simple quarantine? Even the medical staff

Don’t want any part in it, so cover your eyes
The black plague drips sinister News
In our times, the mainstream media (MSM)
Consumes with its grip, like Ebola
It has the power to consume, a portable
Killing-machine, enough to linger about doom?

Ebola is an outbreak, taken more seriously
The closer it hits to home, what is home
On a planet of billions of travelling people?


Additional Reading:
1. http://aegisacademy.com/community/ebola/

11 thoughts on “Ebola as a Black Plague of our times?

  1. Close to my heart as Africa is my home continent (vibrant, dynamic, eclectic!), I’ve been following the Ebola coverage and the African news sites and it is heartbreaking and more easy to catch than you think, just a droplet from a sneeze and you are done! And all your organs and body turn to liquid I would rather a gun to my head.

    • Yes the ‘fear factor’ of this particular disease is quite horrific. At the rate of its current expansion especially, it’s unfortunate that the world was so slow in dealing with this and I can’t help but wonder if it’s no mere accident….

  2. It’s in TX now. The “People of Power” – who only have that power because we allow it – and won’t have that power once they shed their skin – never have foresight. Once you unleash a plague of this kind, containing it is impossible. Very scary stuff – it has been since the original outbreak – it moving out of it’s original origin was a “gimme” from the very moment it began. I pray for society – for our planet – for our lives. </3

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