Nature is the greatest mystic


They say Nature is the greatest mystic
She doesn’t know how to pretend
She simply is, and does

What was intended
Following her nature fully
Without doubt or misgivings
That is why I love
The quiet of the mountains

And the rebirth of the oceans
I enjoy the purity of water
I take pleasure in mountains, streams

To sharpen my spirit by solitude
But to mate and care for other animals
Is a kind of nature too
The stones in the water would not disagree
The upper worlds and the lower worlds

Need to hold hands together sometimes
For a harmony to arrive
I don’t know whether I’m

On my way or finally at home
But it’s peaceful here
Watching the eyes of children
Observing the flocks of birds
The green mountains have

Turned yellow so many times
Who am I to judge what is nature
The machines we made
Are born of our evolutionary-force
All intelligence is natural then.


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6 thoughts on “Nature is the greatest mystic

  1. Very good point. If our intelligence is “natural” then what comes out of them might be also. Here’s where you need balance because with imbalance comes destruction. Anyway, your poem was thought provoking!

    • It’s ironic but I suspect our AI “children” will outpace as very quickly in collective evolution, I don’t imagine they will have any particular reverence for God or nature, but I could be mistaken.

      What’s interesting about my generation, is we get to witness many great changes with the emergence of quantum computing coming soon.

      • It would seem already that this is the case. Not many children that I see are being taught or allowed to freely find their innate love for nature. They all have their heads in front of some kind of screen!! Great posts, Wuji!

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