Before Man


Between the first and last
Nothingness, before the cry of Men
I feel the silence of centuries

When Earth was occupied by
A fathomless zero of eternity
A tulip temple of wakeless night

Dawns and sunsets gone uninterrupted
Before the tardy suffering of mortality
That mute featureless unknown

Of absolute patience is, prolonging
The quantum observation of creation
The kind slumber of a million suns

Jeweled dreams of nameless movement
Before symbol, idea, language, innovation
And before fire, war, cities, desire, wealth

All that makes men beasts and unspiritual
I feel the shadows spinning, entry of souls
The heavy cosmic rest before another cycle

One spirit sole of creation ready to rise again
Yet another species to make their disillusioned grin
Their stamp upon resources, upon history

To force the world’s blind necessity
To arise with the glamour of the flesh
And make the worlds shudder with man made scars.


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7 thoughts on “Before Man

      • I have to say that I have never been and idealist, optimist maybe I would say more a realist, but I do find that people as they get older do tend be more grounded. Hopefully, although there is always a place and necessity for idealistic people.

      • I’m not sure I’d want to be too much of a pragmatist or realist in a Capitalistic society ethically speaking, though for survival I can certainly see why be default most people are.

      • That´s the word they called me yesterday, pragmatic. Even had to look it up to see what it meant.
        But as I said, in society there has to be room for idealist and dreamers, we do have to create some sort of balance for society to function. And dreamers sometimes make the pragmatic think twice about certain things, and when they do it to me……I love it because I think to myself that actually it could happen if I did this or that. Doesn´t happen too often but that´s why we need a variety of people in society pragmatic, idealistic, capitalistic, gypsis, whatever, although we do live in a capitalist society and human by nature are driven by money. Even the gypsi generation, they probably fought about who got the best weed 😉

      • Haha well I do agree with you that there is a great diversity of personality types and it does create an inherent balance of sorts. I’m not certain that Capitalism is a balanced state from the point of view of the collective health of our society.

        But it does seem to be the dominant model in America, however it would seem it’s on the decline a bit.

      • It´s always good to challenge the status quo, but capitalism is not going away. I live in a socialist society here in Spain, and even the socialist are capitalist.

        A lot of corruption here from politicians and corporations, quite a few are starting to land in jail now. Just like the U.S and as I said, it´s a socialist society.

        The difference is that in the U.S at least you can take advantage of being an individual and move up the ladder. Here, we are broke, literally broke with a 26% unemployment and that is the official number they put out the real unofficial is in the mid 30´s and the collective health of society…..what can I say I take advantage of it since I receive a pay check from the state, but guess what like me there are a bunch of others and in order to maintain us the “poor” well they are taxing the shit out of the rich, which now there are fewer so now the middle class is affected by the higher taxes, if it´s they don´t tax you in one thing and say their going to cut taxes in this place you can be certain they will tax you from some other place.

        Like right now they just came up with the brilliant idea to increase the house tax for houses that are older than 20 years and that affects even the poor.

        Quick example, another cool tax we have here is called the IBI(Impuestos de Bienes e Imuebles) which basically translates that each year the State will tax each house hold, and the money you pay to the state will depend on how many square feet the house has. And you need those kind of crazy taxes in order to sustain people like me…which for me is fine now, I paid my taxes up until the economy was so screwed up they where firing people from Burger King! And that is screwed up. So now the State is supporting me and the rest, and universal healthcare, and is broke since it´s a system that can´t sustain itself on the long run.

        Now they want to take away my pension, and I´m in a battle with the State, they´ll probably end up taking it away you can´t beat the State, but as you can see the State can´t sustain the individual and create a socialist type of permanent safety net. It just doesn´t work, I´m talking from real experience here.

        Man, that was a ran….hope I didn´t put you to sleep.

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