Charity Doesn’t have a Banner


I think God might
Be a little prejudiced
To divide the world
Into many names of himself
For once he asked me to

Join him for a walk
But said his name was Divinity?
There was no mention

Of this fellow called God
Or why the Christian God
Or Allah were particularly key?
All Gods misrepresent nature
Where there is injury, pardon

And where there is doubt, faith
Where there is despair, hope
Where there is strife, unite

You don’t need a God to do it
But just a bit of goodness, humanity
I think God might
Be getting a little old
For the pope to finally accept homosexuality?

I think God is a bit of a buffoon
Unless you can sow love, for hatred
And show charity not only for your people

Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist
I think they all pray equally well
Though even the anarchist and agnostic
Hope for a better world than this!
I think God might be a bit out of date

Maybe it’s time to write a new book
And call it scripture, call it holy
To be understood, as to understand

To seek to console, to be consoled
To be loved, as to love
It’s all really the same.


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2 thoughts on “Charity Doesn’t have a Banner

  1. My thought is that all the things that you ascribe to God are in reality the result of our actions and inaction! God is not obsolete. If anything He is more needed than ever. My faith teaches me that we have consistently rejected the Messengers that He has sent to us and this has lead us to the state of affairs that we find now. We are trying to solve algebraic problems with the knowledge base of a 4th grader because we haven’t kept up with His truths that He has continuously sent to us through Moses, Jesus, Muhammed, Buddha, Krishna, Zoroaster,Noah, The Bab, Baha’u’llah, and many others that appeared to different aboriginal peoples all over this world and now They are lost in the annals of forgotten history. You are a very great poet and I hope you don’t take any offense. I just wanted to offer another view point.

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