Elegie to the Spirit’s Freedom


We are bound to nature
Not bound to any one man or woman
Truly, we are free in the

Will and whim and wit of change
Likeness glues love but how
We art all similar, all shaped
By the wild roguery of the age
We are bound to nature

And to her we rebel
Not bound by the custom of our day
But free to resist and gloat and panic

Against the conformity of the times
We are not even bound to love
Some live in a pure state of individualism
Managing their wealth and health
Just so, and finding new paths to happiness

If I have caught a bird, let him fly
For in flight have I witnessed
The Soul of the Earth

In heights, in speed, in liberty
Women are like the Arts
Forc’d unto none, open to all who search
The liberal arts thus never go out of style
Nor the women who read

Those sort of books, the seas
Receive their contemplation of nature.

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6 thoughts on “Elegie to the Spirit’s Freedom

      • I would do it if someone showed me how, but I’m not that much inclined to music. Don’t get me wrong, I like a bit of classical once in a while, but I find the world is full of music and for me that’s enough.

  1. Women are open to all? Are men too? I don’t know. I get a rather “ick” response internally…. Women are forced onto none? Men are definitely forced onto some women…. I’m uncomfortable with that section.Seems to do the old tired pedestal thing to women….. I like the rest of it.

  2. Beautiful! And I love that photograph as well. You are like me in that we take the artwork very seriously to go with our words. I appreciate that you do that.
    This poem of yours is excellent. 🙂 ❤

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