The Big Apple Meets Ebola

Ebola has my name on it, the Doctor
Who came back with Ebola
In New York, yes you heard me right
His name is Mr. Spencer, I’m a

Spencer, he rode the subway in the dark
And he went bowling a week after
He came back, and he only went
To the hospital very sick

This is dementia of the public system
And the main stream media
Is being blacked out by the Czar
Appointed by Obama, he’s a lawyer by trade

Are you surprised that Ebola
Can hitch a ride with a Doctor without borders?
There are no borders for a pandemic
It increases exponentially

And peaks sometime in 2017
I’m sorry to be the first to break
The News, but Ebola is running wild
Somewhere in New York, somewhere near you

There could be a city that has it already
And do you think the media would let you know?

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17 thoughts on “The Big Apple Meets Ebola

  1. I think you are in healthcare for another career, my friend. I trust your poetry over the media. Thank you for writing concurrent poetry with the disease as it spreads. Did anyone do this during the height of the Black Plague?

  2. So scary Wuji. I don’t watch the news, listen to it or read it – I stopped after 9/11, for many reasons – some fright, some sick to death of hearing only about the darkness in the world, but mostly … because I know they are puppets and not truth tellers. I don’t think mass hysteria would do anyone, or any society, neighborhood or City any good, but this is far more serious than the fall down of the economy 8 or so years ago and it’s being treated as though it’s nothing. There’s no cure, there’s no vaccine to immediately go out and get so that you cannot catch it. No one knows who they’ll come in contact with that might have it or be a carrier – it could be standing right next to you – on the very cart you grab at the grocery store. This should be 24/7 National News and it’s not – which I find very disturbing. I love that you’re sharing the truth! ❤ Kimberly

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