Psalm 11 – Fortitude

Praising love, I found a countenance
That could survive poverty
I found the magic to reject
The labels I was taught

And duality, seemed like a poor
Attitude, where I sought to feel unity
Praising beauty, I found myself
Rarely in adversity or internal strife

Praising God’s miracles, I escaped
The better part of oppression
Even if my trials were no less
Than others, I shared the burden

Of organics, in a world increasingly
Not chosen by God for his people
Where nobody was right or wrong
But just more or less out of date

Out of touch with the pace of change
Praising progress, I found myself learning
At every stage of life, waiting for a time
When I could talk to God again.

3 thoughts on “Psalm 11 – Fortitude

  1. Your ‘wonderfulness’ knows no bounds.(Smile). “Praising Progress” is the most accurate attutude summary for mankind’s nature. The quest for progress takes us to the doorstep of the quest for civil-ization,civility,but we never ring that doorbell,and leap forward to even more . . . . . progress?? Populate Mars, kill your neighbor.

    • Amusing and interesting comments on your part Kenny, it’s hard to judge the world when it keeps changing (smile) 😛

      One can only hope the future will bring civility, but based on the testimony of our collective history, I sometimes doubt it.

  2. I read your words again and smile and giggle to myself and call my wife and we laugh together. She always asks why is there so much turmoil in a world that God has Chosen for his people? When I say that you are good, you realize that that is an under-statement.

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