Psalm 20 – Life Work


O Lord, I’ve seen creatures find salvation
In the manifestation of their life work
A destiny fulfilled in the prime
Of a person’s native potential

The full expression of their wisdom
The blessing of their goodness. Selah.
That’s the undeniable point of existence
A soul’s mission here on this planet

To learn and find an exalted cause
That gives one’s life a focus, a concentrated
Aim, it could be simple or even obvious
It could be a private endeavor gone unrecognized

Thou shalt bring each one to their light
O God, that burns with your strength in them
Let them find their native power and liberty
And their inner-sun through the trials

Let them eat the fruit of their attainments
Which gave the tribulations a context
And let their growth be the stepping stone
To future lives, a succession of incarnations

That develops a harmony of purpose
Across many bodies, in many stories
In the narrative of their power and experience
Be thou exalted in them Lord, in one way or another

That their nature might find the strength
To create their most potent source in matter
And energy, in lines of mind and symbols
In society, with the love they have leased
From eternity, for a mortal moment.

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The Right true end of Love


Love’s progress does not wait
For Elegies or romantic verse
The right true end of love is
Carried over, in the next generation

For how long, whose to say?
Until our children are born immortal
Until our machines talk back to us?
By our new nature, from planets

Harvesting stars, equally at peace
Love’s progress no longer rests
In the story between a ‘you and I’
Love is a thing for society

To share like virtue, soft and free
Perfection to unite, and value more
Than gold, more than wealthy
Or any physical kind of security

Although we see the celestial bodies move
Love and time have their own marriage
These swelling lips that sing of passion
And these serene hearts that dance
For a brief lifetime, that went too fast?

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Psalm 19 – Judgement

The heavens declare the glory of God
But not in Man, and not on Earth
For we are too ignorant, to hear
Or listen or follow, or abide

By the knowledge of the suns
We play petty politics of brief years
When everything important
Requires centuries of preparation

And vision beyond the intelligence
Of one mind, this race will give in
To its children with artificial minds
There is no speech or prayer that can save us

We have gone past the tipping point
On so many levels, economically,
Environmentally, geopolitically
This nation that plunders, under the guise

Of humanitarian leaderhship, this
Country of Christians who do not believe
In evolution or the equality of all peoples
We do not deserve the judgement of God

I proclaim our judgement has already passed
Your children will live out this ruling
While we mate and breed without thought
To what the future holds, I do not fear

What will come to pass, but I see the signs
The testimony of time and the great decline
Who can understand his errors, when he dies
After only a short few years in power?

Let time show the justice of this world’s truth
Keep back thy masters from sin, O’ it is late
The hour is late to know your faults
Or the consequences of your warped patriotism.

Psalm 17 – History

I will love thee, O Mother, my strength
Of nature, deliverance of all that is
Natural, without Man’s arrogance
Even these scriptures and doctrines

Carry the stamp of Man’s incapability
To write truth that is lasting
In my distress I will call upon thee
Universal Mother, when all the Gods

Have come and gone, passed like
The imaginary sanctuaries of the weak
I will call upon thee, O Mother
And cry to your Oceans, and with your

Forests watch as the cities crumble
I do not praise my kind, Mother
They have been as a darkness over
The fields, ungodly Americans and the

White Man’s order of hierarchy
Imaginary stocks and false economies
A devoring Capitalism that eats up its own people
With a debt that is nearly worthy of praise

For the vanity of such a civilization
Can quickly come to an end, like
The Fall of Rome or the drying up of the Nile
And if a period of darkness follows

This collapse Mother, I shall not weep
Knowing that for every fallen empire
A New World is born, such are the cycles
Of these lonely years, when the Highest voice

Warns us of the calamity of prophecies
Great Mother, I would plunge all of God’s work
Into the Oceans, like Atlantis, for one more
Chance at a better variety of humanity.

Psalm 16 – The Wealthy

O Lord, I have no personal cry
But this humanity deserves better
Than the fate it has made for itself
Concerning the works of men

Do not punish all who would suffer
The mistakes of the few, their leaders
By right of financial inheritance, this elite
Who do not follow the way of

Lovingkindness, but rather, seek to
Preserve their dominance, their imagined
Superiority, in a world that will change
Faster than they can age, O creator

I have no more prayers left for such
An existence as this world offers
The unfortunate, the poor, those born
In wrong countries, in places torn by

Greed for oil, or other commodities
The nations have grown weak in ecomony
And therefore perpetuate wickedness
In the shadows, in the board rooms

How shall we prosper when our own
Enemies are the leaders we have elected?
When our Governments no longer serve
The people, but the interests of the select?

Psalm 15 – The Poor

Deare God, preserve the innocent
For they have put their trust in thee
They follow nature without recourse
Thou art their Lord, so protect them

They have not harmed anyone
Their sorrows multiply from the
Minds of Men that thou created
Their inheritance is a portion of thy creation

They suffer now without need
Preserve Them, O God: for in thee
They put their last symbol of faith
They have nothing to bargain with

They cannot pay to escape chaos
They would sell their daughters to
Feed their families, with holy tears
For so little freedom is granted the poor

Therefore my heart would be glad
If you spared a few of the poor
The pure, the self-sacrificed, the down-trodden
Remember them too, while nature inherits

The wicked, the industrious, the hoarders
Those profiteers know nothing about you
God, if there is such a thing as a hell
As a punishment for sin, let it be seen

Let the Nations that do wrong be punished
And let their children bear the weight of the stain.

Psalm 14 – Patriarchy


God is our final interpretation
Of Nature, we are bred to follow
Meanwhile, the corrupt lead us
The fool hath said in his heart

There is no God, no true authority
The World’s destruction of nature
Is not of God, but of Man
Man alone in this world is self-righteous

Oh that salvation has many forms
Every freedom is a new kind of slavery
Until the machine shall imprison him
Have all the workers of this earth

A blindness to their leaders, the lack
Of true leaders, whose mandate is
To protect women, children and nature?
And to empower the children of men

Let God be our witness, the decline of
Civilization, that cared not for the
Long-term education, but rather
Sought profit and exposed humanity
To abominable risks in our evolution.

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Psalm 13 – Oppression

Help, Lord; for this world is coming
To a halt, spreading disease masks
The debt, that cannot go on
The Lord shall cut off all fattening lips

This possession of the riches by the few
Who is lord over us, the oppressed poor
Are too ignorant to fight
Help, Lord; for tyrants now rule

The Earth, controlling everything
Democracy lives but as a myth, a figment
Of a name, the Banks and Corporations
Oppress the common people from every side

The true unemployment rate strikes 23%
But the Politicians hide the truth
From the people, on so many turns
Help, Lord; the few control more and more

Of how the world lives, and how
Many of our planet shall die.

Psalm 12 – The Irresponsible

In the Lord I put my trust
In God’s name that Men
Do harm unto other Men?
In love I put my trust

In Love’s name that Men
Would seek to profit by
The use of other men to benefit
Their families, their countries?

In nature I put my trust
In such a drama of evolution
Which would have one monkey
Destroy all the species of this Earth?

Poison the oceans, let their cities
Gasp beneath the violence of
How much they can consume?
O’ Lord, I see your work in them

The horrible tempest of their plans
To unleash a river of disease
Upon the old kind, and bring
Ebola unto their enemies

I see the heart of Man, plain as day
Cold as a whisper from their graves.