Psalm 20 – Life Work


O Lord, I’ve seen creatures find salvation
In the manifestation of their life work
A destiny fulfilled in the prime
Of a person’s native potential

The full expression of their wisdom
The blessing of their goodness. Selah.
That’s the undeniable point of existence
A soul’s mission here on this planet

To learn and find an exalted cause
That gives one’s life a focus, a concentrated
Aim, it could be simple or even obvious
It could be a private endeavor gone unrecognized

Thou shalt bring each one to their light
O God, that burns with your strength in them
Let them find their native power and liberty
And their inner-sun through the trials

Let them eat the fruit of their attainments
Which gave the tribulations a context
And let their growth be the stepping stone
To future lives, a succession of incarnations

That develops a harmony of purpose
Across many bodies, in many stories
In the narrative of their power and experience
Be thou exalted in them Lord, in one way or another

That their nature might find the strength
To create their most potent source in matter
And energy, in lines of mind and symbols
In society, with the love they have leased
From eternity, for a mortal moment.

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