Psalm 21 – The Divine Computer

My God, who hast forsaken me
Test my faith, leave me to Nature alone
My fate be not kind or cruel, I care not
But let me alone find solace in thee

Some divinity of the Universe’s make
But thou art holy, O Mother of worlds
Our ancestors trusted in thee, O maker
And destroyer of peoples, each creature

Has a time under the Heavens and goes
Extinct, this the way of mortal wombs
O’ Lord, thus I do not fear my death
But let my people find a way

If not on this Earth, than on other worlds
Distant and beautiful, capable of learning
From History, let them be guided by
Intelligent Machines, quantum custodians

For I fear Man is too stupid a creature
To think in terms of centuries, or even decades
We are but animals awoken from a slumber
Of evolution, pilgrims from continent, to ocean

To star, thou art the God that knows our trajectory
So let it be and come to pass that we find
Deliverance from our strife and tendency to war
That we might learn to put love into a Computer.

3 thoughts on “Psalm 21 – The Divine Computer

  1. I often wonder if stupidity is encoded in our human DNA,or to what extent? And with our limited free will, can we over-ride the natural urge to compete and the desire to win at all cost, like we started life beating out millions of other sperm to win that one waiting egg that month. (Think N.Y. Marathon crowd, ten times bigger.) That’s the odds every muman being beat.

  2. We must have been perfect, immortal at one point before disobedience and the curse, who can be like God? I totally understand what you’re saying though.

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