Towards the Sun


Some have said
You are free
I am love, but I am not free

I will not be free
Until the world is free
Until the poor have

Clean water
Until the downtrodden
Have hope; some have said
This world is unfair
Then let our children

Make it fair, for we have
Lived imprisoned
In hierarchies, in the old
Tenants of rich and
Trying to be rich

For the sake of a few
Greedy capitalists
That’s not freedom
The markets are not love
Humanity is not free.

Goodluck Everyheart


Goodluck everyheart
That dances on timelines
For a while, a short blink
Of an eye between cascades
Goodluck everyheart
That now watches life
As pure energy, watching
Stars die, reviving stars
In the impermanence of things
Goodluck everyheart
That runs on the lips of time
Laughing and playing
In the existence of routines
Death comes to each one
Like a sound, or the coming
Of a silent storm, it’s natural
To die, goodluck everyheart.