Towards the Sun


Some have said
You are free
I am love, but I am not free

I will not be free
Until the world is free
Until the poor have

Clean water
Until the downtrodden
Have hope; some have said
This world is unfair
Then let our children

Make it fair, for we have
Lived imprisoned
In hierarchies, in the old
Tenants of rich and
Trying to be rich

For the sake of a few
Greedy capitalists
That’s not freedom
The markets are not love
Humanity is not free.

10 thoughts on “Towards the Sun

  1. Oh dear poet: “I am love, but I am not free.” This is why poetry is of immense power and value! Humanity is BECOMING more and more free and you are holding the key to your own lock. Everyone holds the key to their own lock. Please write about the power to take the lock and “go in” to that part of the soul where love is indeed free. Find that small glimmer of freedom’s truth (or in some people, a larger size glimmer) and bring it out into the open. Freedom has love embedded into it…love frees freedom and freedom frees love. Words free all.

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