Confessions at Dusk


I am complacent
With disillusionment
My century will be remembered

As the crossroads of
When arrogance and greed
Found consequences

In the natural world
And in the beaded centuries
Where we disputed

For economic gain
And set pandemics
To profit from the turmoil

I will not grieve for
The bell of loneliness
Of this anonymous world

The city of sacrifice
Little elations that I
Became conditioned

To look forwards to
As if this was the purpose
Of Sunday morning,

To listen to the silent
Shadows of this
Lost world’s dreams.

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Pioneer’s Anthem


I touch the leaves on grass
And embrace the wind
It’s change I feel
In my heart, young

As mountains
Old, as the handsome coasts
I’ve been everywhere

And I’m a bit a part
Of everything, the sky
And set sails to the sparkle
Of stars that dawn

On eyes that dance and laugh
I touch the soft hope
Of the future, rich minds

Loving creation the more
Intelligent they become
I love these woods
Where paths are few

The pure planets untouched
Valleys of golden surreal
The positive science of life

Where flesh and appetites
Are natural, where we can
Prosper pale and transparent
I can adapt to anything

Because my soul carries
The Love of Earth
Wherever I may go.