Cup of Sachitananda


The cosmos has hid
divine herbs in our dreams
and one day upon
the west river we

shall all awake
to see truth, to live
in the light, and

in those blue flames
of the dawn, hope
will no longer be necessary

and faith will seem immature
for supramental identity
will be self-evident

alone, spring’s floods will
drip the bliss of worlds
and the grace will overwhelm
any circumstance of fate
by the ocean of poetry

in the forests of prophecy
on the beaches of mysticism
the Tao will reveal herself

to our mind like a sponge
of all the secrets of the
universe and synchronicity

spellbound for consciousness
as a boat drifts to the sun
creation and the great observer

will meet, and we will forever
be left speechless with the awe
of laughter empty of anxiety
and understanding mingling

with a pure love for all things.

11 thoughts on “Cup of Sachitananda

      • I think conditioning is like sailing out to sea. We are at a point where the shore is beyond the horizon and we have no idea about the place from where we came. It is a dangerous adventure, good and bad, a beautiful story bringing us to a new place in ourselves. We have to go against our best interest in order to have a journey or a story worth being told. Each generation is eager to go against the views of the previous generation and I think it is because deep down we feel the value in our mistakes. Nothing is wrong and no matter how far out to sea we sail, metaphorically, we have yet to leave the surface of the object in motion. My biggest worry would be that we all fear mistakes so much that we suppress them by following a preset program that ends the substance of any story that would be.

      • I admire your insights. But as for the generations, what I see mostly in blind obedience to conditioning. I don’t actually see much spirit of change in the new generations.

      • I think that is just the masses. They propel the wheel but do not steer it. They will always be there doing what the next guy is doing. The wheel is being steered by the fewer who dare to go against the flow and by those in positions of influence and power. The masses will never change the world. That blind obedience creeps me out too, but I think they are there to support whatever the current direction happens to be. I think conditioning is a useful tool for all to use. Domestication is another story though. Right now I am trying to condition myself closer to nature. My wife and I bought 8 acres and we have been living off our land for almost a year now with no electricity. I hand pump water from our well and we heat our home and cook with a wood stove. I was amazed to feel the difference of how domesticated I was and how little I knew of living without services. There are many young people doing things like this and many people are realizing the lies of our wars and debt currency and have lost interest in participating in the cooperative society. People are resisting the spoon fed reality. It feels like we are at the verge of a breaking point.

      • That’s amazing you are living on the land like that, it is peaceful I admit. I lived in an eco-village for a number of years in India. It made me humble that’s for sure.

        Humanity’s collective-intelligence is really debatable, I like many of the points you made.

      • See, we are the current humans of the time and we are both doing very cool things to expand our views and grow internally. And it is cool that the masses cooperated enough to slave over technology and building towers that we can know of others doing cool shit. And it is cool that we will probably go into economic collapse and wars to destroy all that cool shit too. An artist grows tired of painting one piece and I definitely don’t want to watch the same movie forever. If we ever reach the ideal place it will be the saddest day ever knowing this is as good as it gets. I still want to reach for it though, just like the trees reach for the closest star but should never touch it. I really like your posts. You are genuine to yourself it seems and your words portray a wise perspective. You give me much to think about and I like that it challenges the brinks of my perspective. I will be looking forward to each of your posts!!

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