Story of Nature

Human – business evolution

The birds kept singing that
The birds had once seen
Flying saucers, though we
Didn’t understand their songs?

Octopi would once inherit
The Earth, after we had passed
It all seemed improbable

But nature had a way of making
Melancholy dreams a reality
If the stars that move together
In some sort of order

Could fly like birds across
The skies, then men could die
Like they had always done

To make way for ocean creatures
Reptiles, intelligent squirrels
Evolution had a way of mocking
Those animals that went extinct

With new varieties, it didn’t matter
That men thought they were special
Or that men were the creators

Of their own ruin, women didn’t
Exist anymore to empathize with them
Men did it to themselves and left
Life to nature’s own wisdom
In truth, the way it had always been.


One thought on “Story of Nature

  1. Thought is matter, just like ion exchange is matter being exchanged. Matter is neither created nor destroyed,and I might add, only reavealed to some, some of the time. So of course your are right. Just today I was thinking obout female humans, a cosmic carrier and storehouse of knowledge in DNA form waiting to be a springboard for fresh DNA, stored in the womb of our progenitors to toy with the process of spiritual evolution. And that’s the end and answer to the question,to what purpose is life.
    “In truth the way it had always been”

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