A Civil Nakedness of Poetry


Poetry is the x of music
The hum under the Sea
Too exactly the wind
A dirty silence of the stars
Poetry is not what we say
To ourselves but to the nature
Of syllables behind speech
From the floor of philosophy
Where feeling is her own author
Poetry is not for particulars
But for universals, an elegy
To the creation of sound that
Had a human voice or felt
Vulnerable and ready to dream
For the imitations of better realities.

And amazing things can happen


Who knows the life-hoping lightness
That mirrors the death-dealing
Weight of mortal worries
The sunlit path is there

For the spirit’s easy contentment
Circumstance is not an obstacle
But an opportunity
A loving mirror

For you to become stronger
To face what you were
Meant to face like hardship
With a good attitude

And normal trials
With a sense of
Compassion and fortitude
There is no formula to

Follow, only the course
Nature has set before you
So follow it, with a measure
Of grace and the recognition

That everything passes with ease
The present becomes the past
And what once seemed like
The future becomes a dream

Love sorrow, when she knocks
At the door, permit all feelings
To enter your house and exit
Through the back window

If necessary, utterly alone or
Utterly all together, it amounts
To a minute shift of perspective.

Photo Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Sofia-494122776