Ode to Derozio


Last night, it was a lovely night
Very blest beneath the Moon
Shall it not be for memory
A happy flower to bloom

Yes not in our distant backward past
I felt the soft hours on my cheek
Hours which rode the distances still
And shined on, mildly but not burned

O’ how sweet is yesternight
Though only for its light dreams
That mist of who we once were
For all becomes a universal law

So let my mind touch yours
On its way returning home
I’ll meet you by the gates dear friend
Come who will walk with me

A little way’, I said and lo!
I straight was joined by the
Soul of thee, in purest ray, not blind.

The Lost Sunstones


I’ve swallowed
Glances buried deep
In the heart of soul
Between strangers

Who will never speak
Again with their eyes
My mind transfixed with sunstones
I’ve loved the nuances

Of a life that passes
Too quickly, all of the names
Are gone, all those doors
To my soul are gone

I’ve read books that
Knelt at the feet of dreams
While time folds my brain
Into a quantum piece

Of energy, what I was
Is going, ripening towards
The future that
Does not belong to me

It belongs to you
I’ve swallowed visions
Of a world not governed
By blood-thirsty schedules

Of minds not conditioned
To be slaves, to feed the profit
Of the few, and to lead dull lives
How much of the routine
Can you survive when
Your inner being is
In a quiet state of famine?



Beloved child, with a burning
Grasp on life, who will be
Bruised, O ye tender souls

Clamouring for recognition
Timid, almost grave
Time will not wed thy innocent hand
Love shall not break thy heart
A few short years

The living flesh of thy restless brain
Will succumb to life’s fleeting
Gleams of joy and lush discovery

Thy fruitless tears shall pass
All this and more will come
Unto thee, so do not mind
The nature of whatever fate
Life chooses to bestow to thee

But make of what thy life
Thou canst, too little time there is
To do all that we ought to

So choose your sports and causes well
What thou lovest well, will most
Remain, be it said rest is not for the living
What thou lovest most shall be thy
True heritage, for the world

Can never posses what you
Did lastly and truly, for thy
Private joy, pure and free.

Of our kind


We should be well prepared
The humans can be cruel
The way someone says
We should never meet again

We should be well prepared
The politics of labour
Where superiors constantly
Talk of their subordinates

The way the leaves fall
As if time had no mercy
Is it just the way it is?
That love can turn to hate?

We should be well prepared
For people seek to profit
And they may reciprocate
Though beyond that

Who’s to say, if they are good?
I used to believe many were
Through experience has taught
They can be mean like in a dream
If you do not please them.

I have no never, because of you


You must know what I
Do not like in ideas
That I am biology
Crude and mechanical

But as everything as
Its two sides, in reality
I love you in order to
Fulfil my biology and

Romantic notions of how
To start infinity again
Or in your womb weave
The joys of the future

You must know that I
Am passionate about the future
My love has two lives
In order to love you I must

Secure a better position
And not get too caught
In your sinking eyes
And the your charisma

The nuances of cherries
And the mischief of the fox
The grapes that you like
In the hard gold of your cheeks

And the blue limits of your goodness
The swelling equation
Beneath your breasts
You must know that I

Suffer to remain progressive
Though by instinct
Your hips are like opaque pearls
And your touch has

The timbre of feathers
Your smile has the root
Features of my favourite stars.

I voyage in a body


I go among the body
Of the world
I walk and breathe and talk
A roundabout human
Experience arriving forever

Passing youth together
To the sunlit center
Of a city brief
In the history of time
I go among the body

Of the planet
But I am a cell without
Knowing it, we have
This myth of individuality
It’s a pleasant thought

To imagine being free
But I am protein and blood
Like any creature
I depend upon oxygen and light
Water and the creativity

That makes my life meaningful
I go among the body
With a harvest of womb
And genes burning
For some journey

Like a dream I keep
Making children
As if the outcome is always
Better and special
And we break into

Daylight as always
Aware and alone
That the world is talking
About itself to itself
And not truly to us.

Post Haikus and Poems Given

Poems were given
Like wine from the Universe
When all we had to
Drink was water
All we had were empty words

Now I raise
A dead butterfly
With a smile
Without make-up
It will fly differently

A poem is an autobiography
A selection of subconscious
Lines, given as the world
Sinks in made-up news
Hang on, it will leave you

Alone in the sun
That’s art, it has no eyes
But listens everywhere
Poems were given
Like salt at the banquet table

When all we had to
Dine on, was the
Quiet desperation of our lives.

Art & Transience


Art & Transience

As the sweet sweat
Of roses does conspire
To give delight unto the noon
I fall idle in the routine

Of mystic admiration
I stalk slenderly the years
That pass without lament
I kiss the cherished months

One by one, in sweet succession
For a life is nothing much
But the comparisons of beauty
That art and life is everywhere

Even in the chaotic society
As the sweet breath
Of a warming sun does pretend
It knows the secrets of other stars

I fall into the embrace of
Reverent sacrifice, what else –
For there are no wounds left
To search, there are no scars

In transience, all memories
Fade like rainbow dust
In the wreaths that were the plots
Of our little love-lives and

The imagination that we were
Wronged or lucky or fortunate
We all had our due, variables
In a quantum field of evolution.