We are most happen when

A Self-Help poem series


The giver receives
The selfish miser is miserable
It’s an easy thing to observe
Sacrifice for others and notice

If this enables you to think
More about the world
And less about yourself?
There are others less fortunate

Than you, the seed cannot
Know what will happen
Without water and sunlight
To focus on the self is to isolate

Oneself from the energy of life
Life is a relationship with itself
There are no actual boundaries
You create them, by distinction

By not sharing your life with others
Self isolation is one of the problems
Of individualistic societies, we pretend
We are strong, but people aren’t

By nature strong, we are tender
We were made for partnership, family
Clan, community, society, cooperatives
Fraternity, exhibition, theater, lovers

Nurturing others enables the energy
To circulate, like blood or light
Do not live a frozen life
Do not waste your time in selfishness

Or attempting to profit
For when we are alone
We are conditioned to think of scarcity
And when we are together we

Happen to muse about plenitude
So what does that mean?

Preaching to Trees

A Self-Help poem series.


The secret to happiness
Has always been
Simple, the ability to

Let nature take care of nature
That means not living
In the past or future
Naturally, you will

Be an eternal present
That is the purity of experience
Your whole life occurs
In the now, so don’t be

Afraid to experience
Because the more you
Experience, the more mature
You will become naturally

The secret of happiness
Is to know and abide
By one’s nature, not pretending
To be something or someone else

The trees are green
Not for a particular person
It is not that when you look
They become green, they were

Always that way and happy
For the state of a flower is
To prepare to bloom
And the state of a person

Is to prepare to love
What could be more natural?
What could be better
We come into this world

A part of our mother
So of course we are tempted
To find intimacy in another
In a group, in a cause, in
The unity of nature itself.