Post-Modern Freedom

A self-help series poem


Post-Modern Freedom

Don’t be surprised by events
Experience is your teacher
Don’t be attached to what you have
Life has given you

So much already
Time is what may come to pass
Because today you were ready
Give up defining yourself

Live in the freedom of the moment
Don’t let past labels cloud your judgement
But be a clean slate each and every day
Die to yourself that you might

Love the world more, it’s sometimes
Necessary, to become somebody new
Change to adapt to the challenges
Push yourself to surprise yourself

Experience is your loving teacher
Time is your tender mistress
Abundance and simplicity will play
With you, as children you once knew

Do not be surprised if they call you names
Do not be shocked if they depart
You are who you are for a reason
Awaken to that purpose so you can

Clearly celebrate the moment
And finally, be grateful for the
Emergence of new experiences
Your soul likes them before
You perceive they are even happening to you.

Aphorisms trapped in Time


Love in its highest form
Is compassion, what is compassion?
It is an empathy without returns
To everyone, for whatever

Burdens they bear and misfortune
For life can be unfortunate
Love plus meditation for everyone
Is not very complicated

That is why the sages are simple
That it why the Tao begins
And ends with nothing
Silence is the state to receive

Compassion from the universe
If you can learn silence
You can hear the highest phenomenon
Love is not asking for something

In return, the sheer joy of giving
Love is not a desire to possess another
But a joy in serving them
How to serve all creatures with
Compassion, that is a life work.