Hibiscus Serenity



I have no worry, I have no words
No smiles, only equanimity
The peace that comes from

So much feeling, in too little time
Look right, look up, look inside
A lift mine heart, but all that is left
Is pure empathy, for lives
Not my own, I have been saved


By falling leaves, and turning time
And friends along the way
That the sacred grounds

Have been growing gardens
In my spirit’s recess and ambiguity
A stasis of light, and a warmth
Of another color a bit like pink
I have no worries, I have no words


No preferences, only detachment
And the calm of hope, after poverty
Foam to wheat, dread to placid mirth

I have melted like the dew on the grass
And all that’s left is the cauldron
Of morning, beautiful fairy-tale morning
And alphabets floating in my mind.

Art Courtesy: https://www.facebook.com/agnescecile

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