I am the circumstance


My hands? They are
On the lips of the wind
My eyes? They are
With the gorgeous sun
That knows no sets or rise

Only the love shared
From the perspective of a centre
My heart? It’s born every day
New, like silver clouds
Dispersing over here or there

What am I? I am not this
Not that, not actually a self
I am the minds of all free beings
My lungs? They inhale morning
And nightfall, with the weight

Of birds and flight and credible
Dreaming, in this architecture
Of sound, what is life?
It’s the music that invented movement
Between footsteps of evolution

My love? It’s the seasons that
Never dies, only renews
What more could I say?

Art Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Rainbow-visionary-327741060

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