To Be a Woman


What’s it like to be a woman?
To know the joys of Motherhood
To serve as if it was your duty
A man, a family, a community

Not getting paid for it
What’s it like to feel a woman?
To feel a vacancy between the legs
Under the skirt, a summer breeze

And eyes on me, like the feast of gulls?
What’s it like to be a woman?
To have closer social bonds
To never truly be alone, how

Does that feel? To have protective
Fathers, and possessive boyfriends?
What’s it like to be a woman?
I will never know, to feel the dresses

Caress you, as you blithely change
From mauve, to peach, to blue.
How does it feel to have skin
Like olive oil, and wear perfume

What’s it like to seduce a man
With just a pouty look, what’s it like
To have to earn your place twice
As hard, in the boardroom?

What’s it like to be a woman?
To be stoned to death for being human.

59 thoughts on “To Be a Woman

    • Yes well, women are still under-valued in modern society and in real danger in other countries. Not to mention unequal pay and lack of access to education for millions.

  1. That my friend is a very substantial piece of poetry. I was deeply moved by it. Thank-you for letting the women of this world know that there are still men who appreciate their true value.

  2. I am impressed by how clearly you present your impression of women, including the price that women pay for the liberties that you value. This poem reminds me of a conversation that I had with another blogger on WordPress about the issue of beating women. I’ll have to see if I can find it, to connect you two.

  3. This one is my favorite so far! I have been enjoying going through some of your poetry tonight and find your work to be very unique. I love your descriptions, they are vividly uplifting!

  4. Excellent piece; unmistakeably honest and real. It fulfills the best task of good poetry or any literature, by telling a story that means something, promoting change… Thanks for this…. Too many people ignore the entire issue….


    • Thanks Gigoid, that’ s a truly nice testimonial to the art. I’m at least a feminist in theory and witnessed the trials and tribulations of a single Mom.

      • One of the slogans used in Berkeley in 1969, on posters especially, said it all to me… “Free our sisters, free ourselves.” Freedom isn’t freedom unless it applies to all, and there are a lot of assholes in the world who don’t want that to happen… I’m glad there are still young ffolkes who get it…. How you came to the idea is less important than the fact you have…

        I look forward to seeing your art evolve…

        gigoid, never any caps…. too much ego in caps…


      • You know, even though us millennials don’t care to vote, we are one of the most civic, altruistic and reformative generations to come along in a while, we are sensitized to a lot of causes, like to volunteer and actually believe in the environmental movement. We view the paradigm of human unity fundamentally differently.

      • Wuji,


        Yes, you do… just as we did, and every generation does, in many respects, and I think it’s a good thing. The world demands new paradigms to deal with the effects of Entropy. Sadly, though, far too many of EVERY generation don’t choose to either take a sustainable path, or even take part in life. The apathy of the majority, in every generation of history, has always worked to the advantage of those with the lack of compassion, and lack of morals to grab for power over others…

        Whoops… got me going; sorry, that happens. I think the generation of millennials also the advantage of technology as no other generation has had in our species memory, which they are learning to use sustainably…

        And, as for voting, well, I vacillate. If I don’t, it’s hard to bitch. But, I’m also called the dubious for good reason, for I doubt anyone’s vote has meant much of anything for a long time, and it just encourages them….

        Sorry for ranting; us old hippies, some of us, still care, and welcome all those who speak the truth, and act from right though, to the ongoing pageant of life… painful as it is much of the time, it’s beauty is worth it…

        gigoid, the dubious


  5. Wow. Hard to express how this makes me, as a woman, feel. I wonder if other men wonder. I’m thinking not many. As a woman, I appreciate your appreciation, sensitivity, and curiosity towards the feminine of the species…and I thank you for sharing the gift of your beautiful words and writing style.

  6. Time will tell.
    I have two myself.
    Just writing about them this very a.m. Haven’t posted as of yet.
    I love the interconnectedness of it all.
    Have a sweet day.

    Suzanne : )

  7. Wow. And not wow as in the opposite of wow but an honest wow! I very nearly cried reading the last stanza. This is very beautiful, Thoughtful and so heavy. Something many men wonder but , for some reason, do not articulate it, maybe feeling incompetent with words or afraid to give it as much thought. Have you had an influx of ladies mad with the desire to eat your brain? Lol btw, if I zombify, I want to eat yours right alongside Chuck pahlaniuk’s and James Deen’s. I have to throw some creepy in now and then. I can’t have people thinking I’m very rational. 😉 Amazing words you have tumbling around in your mind. Thank you for sharing. Ever published any like books or whatever? Or even self-published? I mean, I’m tempted to print all of these and bind them and keep them on a shelf. So if you haven’t, you should. I’d like to see a large number of men write a poem about “what is it like to be a woman?” Maybe us women should do the same to the fellas. :-p so what’s it like to be a dude?

  8. That was truly commendable. I love to read your words and I have read almost every single word written by you on this website but this one is the most beautiful one. I love the simplest way you explain this and with such a profound words 🙂

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