Lines for Winter


I’ve chided myself to compose
Lines for winter and for hearing
Myself speak of the cold
And how society touches

The snow without tongues or hands
The tune that your bones play
In the long waiting for Spring
And where you will end up

Through succession of seasons
Walking on a carpet of white
It’s anonymous to be
But a snowflake, that laughs

At the moon’s gaze in the night
Or lights up like a mirror to the lights
Of a city, tonight it’s getting cold
And you find yourself hearing

And walking with deep thoughts
Nothing but the deep thoughts
You have grown old on and accustomed to
There will be no winter stars

To light your fire, you will have
To do it yourself this time.

9 thoughts on “Lines for Winter

  1. I think you must come from a cold climate like me. Cold is a personal thing that one has to learn to respect. One who fails in that respect, often dies an early death. It’s certainly a beautiful poem though. Thanks for sharing.

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