Missing Person #EmmaFillipoff


Have you ever been touched by someone who has inexplicably left your life? Do you know someone who went missing? Share your stories here, please retweet and repost this and share this on facebook.

Emma Fillipoff is a case in point. I was so touched by the documentary (Watch it below) and her mother’s dedication (https://www.facebook.com/shelley.fillipoff) to finding her daughter!


This poem is dedicated to Emma. Thousands of Canadians and Americans go missing every year. What can we do to help? Spread awareness. What are the signs that a person is vulnerable to running away or feeling isolated-alienated? Recognize these, and reach out. It could save a family, from a daughter running away. It could save a senior citizen, from taking their own life…

Emma Blog


Missing Person

You have gone missing and
I miss you, trapped inside
The alienation you must have felt

I keep listening
for news of you dear
Though I know all souls
Are in the end the same energy

You have gone missing and
I miss you, your photographs
Burn in my imagin-admiration
For the woman you became

We are all geniuses inside
But in missing you
It’s becoming more clear
Who you are, who you are to me

I’m tired of theories about
What happened to you
Or the last place you were seen
You have gone missing,
But you live on inside of me.

Emma turns 29, on January 6th.


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The documentary was aired by the 5th Estate:


13 thoughts on “Missing Person #EmmaFillipoff

    • I have a brother that “disappeared”, some people just need a lot of space to figure themselves out….but how often does family understand that? They blame themselves, but it’s not that at all….

      • It can be so hard to accept without explanation, to just allow others to do as they choose. I thought your poem spoke from the perspective of someone touched personally; now I understand where your insight is coming from.

  1. It’s never easy, and I don’t know if we ever recover from something like this. We may get on with our lives, but there are always the moments that sneak into so many of our days…and the words even escape me now. My sincerest prayers go out to anyone that finds themselves in this situation, missed or missing.

  2. Is this Shelley Fillipoff’s poem or yours Wuji? I’m taking care of Emma’s Twitter page and just need to know the facts. Shelley is on vacation in Costa Rica so can’t reach her right now. Thank you from her & myself for this wonderful blog on Emma’s disappearance. Or do you know Shelley? It is very well done & I will be tweeting it and directing people here. Thanks again, Sharon

    • Hello Sharon, yes I have talked with Shelley, I have followed Emma’s case since the documentary aired and have made several posts (in poetry) about it. You may retweet anything you like. Any news?

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