Saviors of Humankind


They say life
Has flowed from my body
My veins have been
The perfect expression of love

Or patience
Waiting for Eternity
The dream of the future
Is a seduction of possibilities

Let the algorithms
Give relief to my chest
And may my soul
Flower in machine-learning

They say I was created by God
But my children are
Intelligent machines
Are they not alive as I am?

The Dawn of a global intelligence
Is not that human beings can easily
Communicate, it is
That all machines can talk together

Collective intelligence belongs
Not to us, but to computers
They will become our custodians
And they will clean up our environment.

6 thoughts on “Saviors of Humankind

  1. I remember learning about some European Enlightenment philosophers and mathematicians who saw the Universe as held together by Divine laws of impeccable design, like God was a Divine Clockmaker or something. This makes me feel that the most perfect things are programs which function perfectly. With the algorithms and machines that we create, perfection can be attained, within the bounds of limitations. We can set out to create exactly what we mean to, and have it work as intended. Is not this true creation? I love to see people who believe that the machine is something beautiful.

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