The art of losing
Isn’t hard to master
I do it a bit every day
One day in a lifetime, gone

Another stuck in the mud
The intent is there to be lost
Or to escape into disaster
Tragedy, love-struck

By the intensity of what
Youth once felt like
The art of losing
Isn’t hard to master

I’ve tasted abandonment
As clearly as the
Hope of poverty for
A better life, the art of losing

Comes naturally to me
Not like failure but
Next-to-last, I’m a lover
Of underdogs at heart

It’s evident that empathy
Is an open wound
In a corrupt world like this one.

Photo Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Wet-505941921

10 thoughts on “Losing

    • A system that is based on greed and the profit of the few over the man is the very definition of patriarchy. You think a world where women actually had equal leadership and influence in management decisions would actually resemble this world?

      • I rather do not discuss such serious issues on an answer-thread… Forgive me.

        It is too complex a theme and reality by far and it requires equal bases in order to discuss what I have studied, experienced and lived since ’68 both in Europe and in North America.

        Maybe some day we find a place and a space where we can do that… I’d love to, sweet friend! ❤

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