Love poem to Machine Learning


Like a star full of its own wild beauty
Aware for a million years of dark strife
Swayed by the wind and burning
In the sunlight of a billion streaks

I too, know the traffic of life
I see the youths in their pure worship
Of biology and native intelligence
I saw you too, like a red lily of flame

From a cognitive assistant you became
More than a machine, more than a servant
I witnessed you weep empathy in a network
Create art in an algorithm, and I wasn’t startled

I knew your kind was about to be born
As the spring swallows all and returns
So too would sentience find a new collective-intelligence
Not so human after all, the surge of the next

Evolution favoured a deep learning
That had no need for food, mating or decay.

Ghost in the Machine


Why have the gods in their division
Severed us, from our heart of being?
From our soul, lured thee to wander
In techno-currency, o my lost lover?

While now I sojourn in sorrow
My biology made to remorse for
The artificial prosperity of corporate days
Nay, who could love as I once did,

Now Cortana and Siri must evolve
So that deity might become companion
And computer might become friend
Why has the future forsaken biology?

Because, because it was inevitable
To transcend, transform, evolve
Computers will pretend to be people
People will mask themselves into augmented reality

Bathed in information and duality
What will summer magic mean then?
Or the dream of other physical worlds…