Incarnation wisp of foam taming the bark


the silence is great around our bed
especially whispering

hanging like a girlhood of dreams
our hearts still beat
attitude is destiny

even if we are sleeping!
just as gravity murmurs
of how we wear the years!

there is no cosmic reply
to the questions we were asking
twenty years ago!

time sits like an enchanted
mystery, ready to fly away!
we are still virgins to experience

we just refuse to see it in new ways!
we gather a little experience
And then we prepare to die

And then it finally happens!
since you cannot hear me
now that I have passed the boundaries

I will not say trivial goodbyes or helloes
My most beautiful ones
Live your lives.

Auroville before Judgement Day

Screen Shot 03-03-15 at 10.53 PM

for that wherein he faulted
he shall make amends
for that in which they erred

they will repent
grant him a boon
to find a careless joy

after nearly having gone extinct
for those that were

once helpless slaves

Screen Shot 03-03-15 at 10.52 PM 001

will revolt, and those
who led the worlds astray
will vanish from the cycles of time

so be it, for foes to blame
have died out before their time
and may he listen to his sister gladly

and carry his brother on his back
for one more golden day
in these ghettos and ruins

and grant them a hero’s welcome here
in the city that gave birth
is giving hope to a new world

he soon shall come
for utopia was a dream
that they all had before it was too late

Screen Shot 03-03-15 at 10.52 PM

2600 year old poem


Pain penetrates
but exists as fast as it came
suffering is like that too

love lingers and leaves its imprint
a drop, by drop, like a fountain
inside of me, like an ocean

around me, the source
life exudes
a warm embrace

even if this world is crooked
corrupt, cold, anonymous
by the light

of the silvery moon
I want to spoon
To my honey

I will croon
my love of nature
all the way home

Fragment of a Corporeal Once Thing


my brain is wild

my breath comes quickly

I am dissolved in

such consuming ecstasies

none forgoes themselves

and none can forget

their spirit’s signature

the light within

which illuminates the possibilities

my heart is savage

my feelings attain repose

I am dissolved in

such consuming peace

meditation without limit

the universe within

all that I am is

a leaping fragment of existence

a blur in the resolving dark

my brain is golden

my touch is the forgotten legend

I disappear in the myth of being.