Legacy of dead poets


if I die young
it will not be
because I hated life
on the contrary I

love life too much and therefore
feel unworthy of her
if I die young
without having been able

to publish a book
even if my verses are never published
I live the same as I would anyhow
writing for pockets of joy

reading for eternal pleasure
exploring my soul
in the unpolished mirror of literature
if I die young, take note:

the spring will return
a thousand poets will take my place
today I wish I could think of Spring
as a person, she would remain

beautiful even if not watched
that’s how poems should leave us
we are all nothing more than children
playing in simulations

everyone is a dreamer
and if I wasn’t loved or die
young, I can say it wasn’t meant to be
because roots are hidden

in the ground, and I’m happy
because I don’t ask for anything.

7 thoughts on “Legacy of dead poets

  1. “Writing for pockets of joy” – that’s the only real release and joy I am able to feel at times. Writing and experiencing others’ writing is cathartic.

    • I agree with you wholeheartedly. Writing is a generous art form, if not for the writer’s publication and self-esteem, at least for their soul and psyche.

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