Wind passes and we forget


Wind passes and we forget

the wind is blowing tonight
too hard to be able to rest
it’s blowing so I become the wind
i become the night at the ocean
perhaps the thing in my soul


grows weary of the earth
my spirit a free-child without limits
I sense a delight of a far-off place
that’s come upon me now
regardless of life and circumstance


body, neuron, mood, wealth and mate
profession: a hard wind is blowing
it’s taking me, to invisibility
transcendence, judgement, reckoning
in extinction and non-dual being


it makes my soul ache with a calm
how strange, I become the night at the ocean
at the edge of the galaxy, where stars
they are dim and dipping over
inside-out and there God thanks us


for being born and having lived
in most respects, quite ordinarily.


Verses that obey universal laws



The language of love
You know, we’ve hunted it like
Diamonds in the oceans


I’ve wanted to express it
Like something through me
Like jewels spilled on the floor of my humility


My humanity of heart
Hidden, burdened and opened like a bud
I want my verses to shine with forever


Able to endure the far future
Not daunted by freedom, technology
Change, it’s a matter of fact


The language of love drives us
A progress of extension
Into a purely symbolic universe


A virtual playground of possibility
We’ve perhaps never known
How quantum our reality was all along


The language of love
You know, it’s spilled, cherished, given away
Like an act of altruism


Or a drink from a fountain of art
Loves never dies
Art never fades
Artists and lovers are born every day.