I don’t believe in poems
I believe in people
People who must

Reinvent themselves
Every day, to keep up
With the future

The future arrives each day
At every hour
With every change

Change is the information
We breathe, the life of the times
For sure, always, certainly, I bet!

I don’t believe in pleasure
I believe in moments
Terrifying, eventful, moments

That transform consciousness
And change perception
Points of reference are mutable

The selected poems of our lives
Are these moments right there
Are these moments right here

Relationships are the
Catalysts that made moments
Special, memorable, unforgettable.


5 thoughts on “moments

    • Thanks Raw, it’s a bit painful, I really don’t like my own voice but that’s just the nature of the beast I guess. I was never much for spoken word, but after writing thousands of poems, I guess it can’t hurt to try…

      • I know the feeling. That’s how I feel about writing songs and performing… It’s weird. My voice when speaks sounds so different when I hear it back on a recording. It took me a while to accept it. But the more I just do it, I got to a groove of how I wanted to sound then I had more fun reading.

      • I hear it in your voice how you are struggling a bit to smooth it out. But you will get there. I just had that same thing happen to me in the studio last week, and I was so upset. But I was like, c’mon, this is suppose to be fun. So it’s all about furnish your record times with fun things, your fav juice or water, listen to a few good upbeat songs you can’t help but sing or want to dance to and then work on your poems and you will feel a bit more better and smoother. I think I got to practice my tip as well. But you are being consistent and I love it. 🙂

      • Thanks I appreciate the pep talk. The act of reading them outloud changes them from the inside with a new kind of jazz, it’s weird. I’m still not used to it…

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