Composing Poems


Composing Poems

Now, we take the sun
Into the center of hearts
With bright alien eyes
We are not surprised
Life on Earth prepared us

For all possibilities
We take the moon into
Our amygdala of imaginary
Anxiety, and we let go
With the seasons of the cycles

We were given in freedom
However a conditioned brain
Might find freedom in
Urban slavery, in service to
A corporate elite, we had

Plenty of luck for love and leaves
Leaves that drank red in Autumn
And had green buds in Spring
We cannot be too careful
At the risk of not living

We cannot grasp infinity
Least of all with mere words
Having dreamt of living would we
Ever dare to truly live, it’s
Slippery to live a life less messy

Sometimes all we may expect
Is to learn how to trespass into
More simplicity, more coaxing calm.