Her eyes can spell


Her eyes can spell

Her eyes spell the soft white fluff
Between sentences, the surmise
Of silence, the soft empathy
That floats like a whisper towards you

She does not exist for you
She incarnates in women and will
Do so for all eternity
They who watch shooting stars and aurora borealis

Who wake up at dawn to serve
A family whose mission isn’t sure
I could just watch them eternally
These eyes of yours, your eyes

That spell and spy and watch
With a regard to pure, attuned
To the simple things, the natural
Body language of serenity

We’d be lost without regards like yours
And I cannot even say we’d have each other
Her eyes are like a foreign language
They rest on me for a moment of wonder

My wonder to be seen by eyes like this
And it stays with me for the entire day
To be spied by a watcher such as those
A pair of nectar-soul eyes you know
That can paint peace with just a look.

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