Letters to AEJ


AEJ Koh 2

“Do you think we’ll find love?”
She said to him, mirroring
Her utter need to give love
Then she loved him as she would
A manifestation of herself and him

Both silenced and weary
Of existence, both wounded
How people get when they have lived
And lost, both everything
And mothering, for eternity

And the years left that they had
And it wasn’t so much a matter of waiting
Or hoping, but learning how to receive
Giving was easy, as easy as writing
The symbols that poured over us

When we most wanted to connect
With the universe, as we knew how
Writing, being the centre of our gravity
Gravity being the physics of our need
“Yes I think we’ve found love”

He said to her, mirroring
Knowing the reassurance she craved
His utter need to know someone
Who loved what he loved as much as he did.

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