Notes to Angela

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Notes to Angela

I wanted to read Red, the color
Of you, to know the labor
That spelled your destiny

The red was something
None of them could contain
It was the heart of you

And I could not steal it
I could barely grasp at it
The symbols, the bizarre
Frames of reference

Glittering in the dark like candy
Post-modern candy of the why
The where and the who all

Tied up in bouquets of koans
E.J Koh, I don’t get you, like
At all, Love, do you still remember
The inner peace, remember how

You ached to be your own witness
Loving the moment in what you do?
With only reasons that
Could be right for you

Knowing that it all came
From impermance and would return
To the source, was it Red,
Or easy to read, or approachable

What being a colony fellow
Does to you, I do not know.

Author’s Note:

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