My body is all bodies

Screen Shot 04-03-15 at 01.12 AM

My body is all bodies

In a world becoming Asia
I wanted to be Asian, not be so white
I wanted a cross-cultural affinity

After India, after these utopia myths
And dreams had been buried
Sufficiently, purged from my being

I wasn’t about to stand out
I wasn’t published or spread
Out on google with photographs

I was an obscure library book in training
We wanted to be writers, that’s all
To dream our tapestry and bring it

Dear and negligent, cleaning
Up from the mistakes of youth
Fresh with that foreign fragrance

Of prophetic hermit-years
I wanted to cut through the Spring
One living thing, to a word
And never suffer again the same

I wanted to speak for minorities
That didn’t know my name
But I am nobody, and nobody is language

And nobody has a voice, a tongue
That burns with the future
With a voice that is like the sun.

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