The Joyful Good

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The Joyful good

I’ve been doing a bit of Spring cleaning
Looking for an online application
On how to become a Eun Ji of lit
I don’t need some far flung MFA

If I can have that, if I Can learn to write
16 hours a day and live for what I love
And I found, the biggest word I knew
Was still love, still an open-ended sort of

Thing I can’t easily explain to lovers
I’ve been looking up how to write frankly
A requiem to an ode to a poet, I admire!

I think I’ll just dance alone in my mind now
I saw your trauma inside shiny wrapping paper
And I knew it, I just knew, I’d found my calling

No place like belonging that belongs to where
You wish to belong, that’s the joyful good
Following your bliss down the rabbit hole

I hope I have a bed to land in, don’t let me
Become a willing participant in pop-art
It’s just not the kind of Jazz I can survive
To be a poet of tiger balms or racy one-lines.

– I heart:
Eun Ji


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