In order to understand

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In order to understand

It’s quarter after three, in my life
That’s a lot of life gone
That’s, a lot of life left

I’ve learned to listen
To the notes in the margin
Before the pages are
Completely erased
Everything lingers with me

In my heart, the world works
In mysterious ways, we are all
Perfect strangers, and perfectly familiar

The poets are eccentric and figures
I’ve rarely conversed with, sure
I’ve read dead ones and the like
Literature is after all

The most agreeable way of ignoring life
And it’s not, that I’m consciously
Trying to ignore my life
Life is beautiful and mixed up

While my past is everything I failed to be
My future makes my soul impatient
Everything interests me
But nothing holds me

Dreaming all the while
Both my soul and I
Keep our distance
I wake up early in the morning

Only to find it takes me
A long time getting
Ready to exist, so here we go

We never love anyone, no
We love the idea we have of someone
Strangely, it’s our own concepts
Our own imaginary ideas

That we love, intrinsically
We are dumb like that
And in order to understand
Ourselves, we have to die to ourselves

It’s philosophy existentially
And the experience of the
Soul’s hidden orchestra
I know the instruments
All I can hear now is symphony.

6 thoughts on “In order to understand

  1. “As writers we skirt the issues of skirts
    We duck the bullets of sense
    We hide from the music of life
    Yet we thrive living aloud with words”

    So true!

  2. I just realised I quoted this on the wrong blog post! haha must have moved on before I even your work!

  3. I too know the instruments, just need to learn to play…what you said about loving the thought of someone, that is so true and I think that is where my sadness comes from, always loving but the wrong thing, a person of my own making, no one like that could every really exist, maybe that’s why I am so disappointed in love, oh well, more food for thought. Thank you for your post, really well done, I love your work.


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