Into the Cosmos

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Into the Cosmos

Behind me, where all the stars are shown
I’m nobody, but a flower of immortality
Across the night-blue space
Eternity collects her wears

Married to an immense unknown
Myself, well I’m a term in-between
Wondering about the cosmic laws
Death is but a drift in my eastern gray

And when confronted in silence face to face
I can’t help but wonder, how small the
Things of man, how dissolved the next dawn
How ludicrous to care so much

For dreams of dreams that do not last
O I’ve been a doubter of the light
In perfect pauseless monarchy
But the night is a beauty that marches on

A dateless dynasty of what comes next
And that’s the duplicate divinity
In a world sown so fast by history
A couple more decades, centuries

And the heart of the cosmos, may find us there
To bring miracles before women
And say that midnight is a place we’ve been
And that, we can innovate
The good that is the True.

2 thoughts on “Into the Cosmos

  1. When I think in terms of generations of folks who have lived to be a hundred, and then thinking how many (actually, how few) chronological generations of them go back to even the birth of Christ– even the pyramids of Egypt seem not that long ago. As always, very nice verse, Wuji.

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