To Black Swan Job Applicants III

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To Black Swan Job Applicants III

To be a writer is an opportunity to
Live as if you were to die tomorrow
I’m so clever sometimes, as often
I don’t understand a single word

Of what I have written, does that mean
I have graduated to my own form
Of Magical realism, my own enemy of surrealism?
To live ourselves truly, to become

Into ourselves, that’s the rarest kind of writer
Will the light of writing, drive our darkness?
My neuro-spectrum become defiant
To misery, develop such complex

Internal dialogues that I become immune
To self-doubt and self-criticism?
To be a writer is so much of chasing forever
It’s the gamification of all art-forms

It’s the singularity of consciousness
Without music, without people
The audience could be not born yet
The writer chooses to be themselves

In a world constantly trying to
Make you something else
To put your identity to the page
Is the ultimate act of freedom
Explore. Dream. Discover
Because that’s the only way
You will write anything authentic.

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