Clearly the Biggest EJ Koh Fan-page Ever

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Black Swan Job Application V

There’s something ritualistic
About eucalyptus candles
About applying heat, mint and flickering
To a writer’s body

First drafts, personal ink, editing
Our bodies know
There are absolutely no
Physical benefits to writing

But the psychic benefit is intense
The spiritual benefits are neurologically
Verified by functional MRIs
But, nothing changes a brain like

Becoming a poet, it’s a Chosun Dynasty
It means to have a heart that is free
Of attachments; poets belong
To their own social class

I’m an astrologer too, so in ancient courts
I’d be called poet-astrologer, now
That’s a vocation, or a joke
Since modern times spurns writers

There’s little doubt my spine is bent
My pelvis is sagging from so much sitting
I don’t have tricks for health
I only have the destiny of words

And a music in my cells
Stress relief comes from transparency
Realization comes from simplicity
Honour comes from prodigal creativit

But without reputation or profit
I just want to have some fun with it.

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