Fading Away Little by Little


A Quiet Distance

There are quiet features
In my letter box
Journals that went unopened
Hearts that went ungiven-away

It was celibacy all around
In my soul, that waited for years
To write the perfect sentence
The ideal stanza


The deviation from without
To satisfy the necessity of within
Talking in bed to the poems
That defined a lifetime

There is emblematic unrest
Vulnerable to horizons
Autobiographies burned
In isolation, nothing shows why


In all this distance reduced at night
We prune our youth with gratitude
For how things turned out
Eventually, the night takes us

Outside of symbol into ambiguity
A distance between
Ourselves and the racing stars.

Art Courtesy of :


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6 thoughts on “Fading Away Little by Little

      • Oh please, Wuji, do not look at it that way. You are an excellent writer and post more than any other poet I’m aware of. I simply can’t keep up. Therefore, when I do have the time to read posts, I scan the reader page for ones that jump out at me. All of your work is wonderful. Those that I “like” or comment on are simply the ones which caught my attention, resonate with me and impress me the most. 🙂

      • That’s insightful for me. I do get a lot of joy in creating them. And granted, it’s a constant diary. It’s really helpful to try and ascertain which appeal to readers.

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