Verse Unfettered and Let Free #NaPoWriMo

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Verse Spread-Eagled

I write to constantly risk
Absurdity, my performance
Is to a future audience
Not yet born, I do acrobatics

Of my inner life for the
Balancing of beauty’s eyebeams
I look at every face I meet

The slight-of-hand of intimacy
To empathize with their dreams
We are all busy making mistakes
Surrealists in our own gravity

Our soul weds magical realism
Each time we make new goals

We are constantly projecting

Ourselves into the future
In death-defying leaps
I write poetry not to be somebody
It’s spread-eagled in the empty air

Of the silence I worship
It dies as soon as it’s born
Existence organic for the bliss

Of a few drops of eternity
That’s my life in a nutshell
My poems only follow me.

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