As for the Sun

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Sun Worship

There is still a reverence
Of sun-worship left in me
Nourishing the seasons, patient golden clime
Lovely Goddess of yellow

Call God’s country everywhere
Without stars where would we be?
Not in the office of harvests
Not in the countries of Green

The sun’s rising never fails
Her setting is an indie-gleam
She’s all the states, all the royals
Of nature’s supremacy everywhere

The sun gives all a portion
Of the universe, in the eye
On the skin, and it’s a golden bridge
To beauty, warmth, life-force

This bed thy center, galactic truce
That I would swim from sun to sun
In overwhelming heat of youth.

5 thoughts on “As for the Sun

  1. Delicious. I am a sun worshipper. Your words are pure beauty. Magic.
    Thank you for sharing your gift.

  2. Cool. I hadn’t even realized you just wrote it today. : )
    As I type, it’s raining and windy here in MId-Missouri, USA.
    Where are you?

  3. Now I see all of your posts from today. You are on a creative role today, as am I. Feels lovely to be in this space. Soon I have to move onto other ventures, but so happy that my creative side took over this morning allowing me to go with the flow.
    Wishing you much sunshine and happiness.

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