Keys to Living #NationalPoetryMonth

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So as to be crazy for living

You may forget but
Even in Spring I remember
Someone in some future time will think of us
Their heart will remember

How to grow and serve the Muse
And never hold on to grief for long
Stand and face me, my love

And scatter the grace in your eyes
For love drives us all on
In bittersweet fate and

From those maladies that nothing can be done
Although only in breath
We pledge our mortal command
In diviner world there may exist

A longing more profound
You may forget though
The Spring will let all beings find this degree

Love will shake them
Like the wild on the mountain
Like the wind in their sails

And cool their burning desire
With the melodies of life
Send someone quick
To come and crazy for me

Help me understand why love
Is said to be a cunning weaver of fantasies and fables
I want that dream, where floods
The sweets of youth, the lace of full-robed moons.

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