God employs several translators #poem #wordsmatter #blog

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God employs several translators

More than kisses, letters
Alphabets of musings, mingled souls
I to writers, for writers, must watch
The scripts are for minds
Such as them, and verse

Like love built on beauty
Soon beauty dies, we have but
One small voice, one timid note of Spring
These poems be it said
Were as my own personal serenity of heaven
That drip, drop, sunsets in my mind
To bathe in harmless greatness
With enlightenment, nature’s masterpieces
May your words, be thine own palace
Thy own lover’s make, repeat

These mantras that God employs
In us, we are but translators, preachers
Of the doctrine of the universe
But I do nothing upon myself
Yet I am my own celebrator
Since you would read none of me
I will bury my freedom here
In symbols of pleasure derived
And delivered solely unto me
For myself as kisses, letters

Alphabets of song and ruin
Pleasure diversified, words not ignored
For God’s sake do not hold your tongue
But speak your part to the world’s
Brittle make, not often is a poet born

The days will break, but not thy heart
And a thousand poems be born form thy pen.

11 thoughts on “God employs several translators #poem #wordsmatter #blog

      • So understandable. I don’t really get the awards on WordPress (other than recognition), as it is my first time getting involved, but I appreciate the thoughts and people behind them.

      • Yes they really are cute, and if I had more time I’d lavish upon them. I guess I’m just lazy, or social enough to get by without them. But it is sweet that you are passing them on.

      • Now that I know how long it takes to fill them out, I may reconsider next time. However, it is humbling to be thought of and have your work thought of, so even if I do not get involved with these awards next time, I appreciate those who “nominate”. This is my first one passed on and perhaps my last. I did not quite enjoy the time consumption part of it, because when I’m on WordPress, I just want to write and share. I’m with you on the part where, I do not really need them….not at all saying that with selfish pride, but, those who come across my writing, I want them to have a connection to it. They are sweet though. 🙂

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