Ovation of Ecstasy #Sufism #Mysticism

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Ovation of Ecstasy


I want my whole life to be a prayer
Even after all this time
Of forgetfulness
Something in me meditates
With white-fire for soul-eyes

An awake heart is like
A sky that pours light
And that’s my mantra
I secretly try to give something
To each person that I meet


Like a hidden clause
Ready to burst out
In times of adversity
From every angle of darkness
I accept my humanity

With beautiful dimensions of trust
The spirit can be a lonely place
Remembering God, quenching
So much freedom
All a sane man ever cares about


Is giving Love
It takes a lifetime to accomplish
Properly, as citizen, partner, friendly stranger
If I could just
Start seeing everything as God

I’d have a secret
For the rest of my days
And through the eyes of angels
I’d be amazed
Not for the God of names

Or the God of don’ts
But the feeling of silence
And playfulness
“Come Dance with Me”
My mystical partner would sing.

Freewill Written in Verse #Wordsmatter #Quote

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Freewill in Poems

Our poems were mirrors
To inner states of freedom
They celebrated solitude
A loving solitude that extends

To nature and all unity and uniformity
Our sweetest songs told
The most shared thoughts
It was bliss to share the pain

A poet is a nightingale
Who sits in darkness to sing cheer
Like crickets, dawn, the spring
As if it’s expected

To wait for inner light
Gloom has a way of breaking free
Sadness hopes to realize its infinity
Change is certain, love is decreed

If you have drunk deep joy
It stays with you for a lifetime
Soul meets soul in your memory
Lovers’ lips tonight, gone tomorrow

Our poems were mirrors
Of our study in ignorance
To lift the veil from the
Hidden beauty of the world

Everything became a familiar sign
Of nature’s design and genius
And even familiar acts
Because beautiful through love

Experience was a revenge of naked idols
Coming to life, the soul’s joy
Lies in doing, our spirit commanded
And we obeyed, that is why it is said

Love is free, and our poems
Were the record of the best
And happiest moments of our lives.

Psalms of the Organic source #quote #refuges

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Psalm of Souls

The spirit is a beacon
And the righteous run to it and are safe
Among those whose faith is pure
How fine their company
Trusting in what is sure

The universe becomes a world of understanding
Our path becomes straight
The world strengths and helps us
And our righteousness is reflected
Back unto us, for good deeds multiply

Do not let your hearts be troubled
For in giving peace, peace may you receive
But take heart, even unkind men
Have a glimmer of hope
And nations in strife crave the faith

Benevolent acts are our refuge and our warmth
In giving we become free of our own troubles
Therefore focus on the on high
To make thy will pure with ease
Look upon the mountains and the skies

We were not given a timid spirit
But a spirit captured by the power of love
And the heart of self-discipline
That was born to love all creatures
And do good works unto this world

In bonds of mutual faith, good works become
Doing our spirit’s will and lifelong salvation
It is found in shouts of joy and bearing
Witness to the small victories of others
As if it were our own, how fine the company

Of our sisters and brothers in this place
The fraternity of all souls is my refuge
A community as large or small
As my heart is willing to bear
I preserve life according to words

Words that are my sacred weapons
Words that are my soul’s quality
Words that stream forth in amazement
Words that embrace and answer me
With the kindness of others
And the tenderness of life’s many wonders.