Lullaby After Brief Words

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Lullaby After Brief Words

간단한 단어 후 자장가

You are a walking anthology
Of all that I love about poetics
Mysterious, clever, shrouded in unnecessary caution

A kind of secrecy pervades
Your literary movements
Your characters are arcane

Your plot is twisted like icebergs
Of your childhood misunderstood and
Seeking retribution against

A bedrock of lovely tragedies
You are a walking anthology
Of youth, the desire to be great

The discipline of perfection
A quest that never ends, does it?
Not in my heart, at least

You are brave, braver than they give you credit for
I’m at a loss as to how to console you
I used to be more gifted at listening
When my mind was not flooded with poems

I’m an emotional thing, when I read
Too much into you, like an octave
In too deep, as romantic as any reader
Enthralled with a good book.

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